Money......where ever in the world we see , money is the major problem. decides the category of a person .if a person has more money with him he will be a rich person if not he will be categorized into the lowest category. takes a specific place in our life. Now a days without money a person cannot lead his life...
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Money,it is something that has actually made us people live our life meaningfully.Every single thing we do needs money.If we have to travel anywhere,we need money.If we have to buy anything,we need money and for so many more errands,money is required.Without money,we would be in the middle of nowhere.In this fast moving world,money plays a major part in our life.But the main reaon for money is that everything now needs to be spent or purchased.As the world moves on,even our demands increase.And that is why people are ready to fight and defend just for money.Without money,life gets difficult.
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