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Our human mind is diligent and can beat the best of computers when it comes to math or science or languages. Ironically, it is us who have made machines. And in today's competitive world, with students committing suicide for merely not topping the class, it is high time people, and we students know, that mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled. 

Our human inclination is to just mug up lessons and vomit them in our papers, and forget about them as soon as possible. But they won't last long, which means it doesn't serve its purpose. What stays in our mind is what we see and observe.
Our eyes are wonderful things. They grasp everything and anything in a nanosecond, and we do not utilize this beautiful ability of ours, which is a shame. Schools have such a vast and expansive syllabus that it gets hard to study everything at one time, and all we are left with is the option of mugging up. 

 Experiments in science class will teach us what really happens, whereas the books merely describe what happens. Our imagination is lost. Moreover, when we feel something, we record it in our brain, and it remains there forever, just like an etching on a stone. Practicality is what is needed, and when we know what happens, we know what to write. Theory doesn't really help in the real world. 

Finding out about the background of one's chapter would improve general knowledge and expand our thinking ability. Find out who laid the foundation stone of AIIMS hospital or Harvard University. Who knows, it might come in handy. Find out why Hitler committed suicide. We must have the inclination to learn and know. That really helps. And who knows, we might just impress our teachers, so that they throw in an extra mark or two for good measure!

So that's all. Hope this helps!
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