Hitler was born in 1889 as a fourth child to a succesfull Austrian customs officer. at the age of fouteen his father died and at the same time he droped out of school. Four years late hitler left for Vienna. IN Vienne Hitler soaked up exterme german antionalism which was strong in vienna (even though it was in austria). these extremeists strongly believed in a uninon with the germans and a violent expolusion of the "infrior" races. Hitler was impressed wit the maoyr of Vienna and his anti liberlism and anti capitalism. From Lueger and other hitler obsorbedmuhc anti-semitism, racism and hatred for the slavs. He wanted to destroy the jews because of his distorted view of Social Darwinsim (survival of the fitest) believing that with the destruction of the infirior races he insures the survival of the german race. 
ANother reason for his hatred were his anti capitalist and anti liberalism views. He cliamed that the hews directed an international conspiracy of finance cpitalism and MArxian Socialism against German colture, german unity, and German race. 
when Germany lost World War I, heartbroken, he cliamed that the jews had stabed Germany in the back. He promised to fight back...the Allies and the jews.