Difference between then are as follows:
1)Fahrenheit scale usually used in US where as celsius scale used in all countries
2)Celsius scale is used in metric system but Fahrenheit are not.
3)32 degree difference are there between two scale.
4)The scales start at a different number (0 vs 32), so we will need to add or subtract 32.The scales rise at a different rate (100 vs 180), so we will also need to multiply.
5)Celsius are more common and easy to use than the fahrenheit scale.
Celcius is the SI unit of measuring temperature.While Farenheit is the imperial measurement and celcius is the metric measurement.
In Farenheit the freezing point of water is 32° and the boiling point is 212°
whereas in Celcius scale the freezing and boiling point is 0° and 100° respectively.