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“Disaster” is made from two words disastro that means ‘ill-starred event’ and astro that means ‘star’.
Disaster can be said as an event that causes a huge loss of lives and property.Disasters can be major or minor.There are two types of disasters-Natural and Man-made disasters.
Natural Disatsers
-Earthquake,Volcanic Eruption,Flood,Landslides,Cyclones,Droughts,Cloud Burst and so on.

Man-Made Disasters
-Fires,Industrial and Nuclear Accidents,Terrorism.Epidemic and so on.

Natural Disasters are naturally occurring,we cannot bring such disasters.But indirectly we are only responsible for all that.For example if we take landslide,it is known that it is caused when a slope or piece of land slides from its original position due to gravity.But  no landslides will occur if we plant more and more trees i.e. afforestation.The roots of trees bind up the soil and help them avoid erosion.But we should be prepared for any natural disaster.We should have an emergency kit in our homes.We should listen to radio and television so that if anything such happens,we are prepared for it.We should also know how to react when any disaster arrives,like we shouldn’t shout or panic.Earthquakes are among some the disasters whose prediction cannot be done before its arrival.

 Recently only an earthquake hit parts of India and caused immense destruction in Kathmandu of Nepal.It even caused destruction and loss of lives in northern parts of India.Many people were left homeless.Mnay other countries also felt the attacks.It  gave shocks till two months.

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