Migrating birds are of different types such as garden warbler, White throat,etc. Millions of birds belonging to hundreds of species migrate into India from latitudes further north.In their way they faces a lot of problems the most important problem is climate change .         Because climate change leads to rises in spring and summer temperature and because of these long-distance migrants  respond it by shifting their breeding ranges further north, making their return journey each spring even longer than before. In future, when they return to India or we can say Africa also in autumn, the predicted southward extension of the Sahara Desert may also eventually increase their travel distance. The  Chiffchaff  is another migratory bird which migrates to Iberia 
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Pied Crested Cuckoo--migrates to large areas in northern India in monsoon and has often been called the harbinger of monsoon or "rain visitor" from Africa. They move across the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean to reach India in May or June. Some believe that the bird uses monsoon winds to assist its flight during this migration.