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  We say that earth is our mother.Why? because it give everything we need.It give us land water as well as air.Trees here give us food.But as a citizen of earth, we have certain duties which are must.Like trees on earth grow, we get many things from them but even destroy them because we want wood.It is important because we need wood but  should we plant trees.It is role of each one of us.
      Water is basic need of life.To stay alive we drink water.Hwever we know we must save water but did we do it....No.It is our duty and we must perform it.Now air which is nowadays polluted because of us.We burn fossil fuel but we should not do so.

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As a citizen of of earth i truelly belive that i must do whatever i must to protect earth... the place we live ...must be protected. In the vast universe, people were born on this planet called Earth, where various cultures and ethnicities, all living things, and all of nature exist together. However, in the world today, people face numerous problems environmental destruction, resource depletion, wars and conflicts, poverty, and many more – that make the future uncertain. we must do whatever we can to help people and earth