Jewellery is one of the most important things in our life in those days and even now for some people..each and everywhere we see  or we find people wearing differen kinds and different designs of jwellaries
the reason behing wearing jwellary is that to attract people  towards u
and we can also say that in todays world it has become the most important part of our life because we can also save our money in form of jwellary
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Jewellery is extremely vital in our daily lives. Firstly, jewellery gives a status symbol. For example, gold jewellery is a very rich clan, and no jewellery means poor household. Second, jewellery makes a fashion statement. Designer jewellery helps attract people to interect with you. It helps you make friends easily. Third point is that jewellery also plays a primary role in culture. When a marriage ceremony takes place, jewellery is gifted, the bride is wearing heavy jewellery and so are the guests. So with this, we conclude that jewellery is a prime necessity in our lives. (But jewellery is not that important, just for your general knowledge).
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