There are often people who seem to be great souls and can never think Bad for anyone. But in times of crisis, even these great men can steal, kill or do anything for survival. But these cases are under extreme pressure. Let me explain - A man who works in a moderate post in an office suddenly gets fired. He was a very great man, did charity and etc. because he had a source of income and wanted to spread the money he was getting. But now, he does not have any money, neither for himself and his family nor for charity. This man now goes under mental pressure. For example, his children ill, his wife on deathbed (just for example, please don't say this in your speech). He assumes that he is responsible for everything and goes for crooked and wrong paths instead of the right one. In such cases, people can go and steal, and in the process murder people as well. But this is none of their fault. Also, there are cases, where crooked minds such as those if thieves and murdered, witness something or hear something that pushes them to mend their ways. Afetr this, we come to the conclusion that people's minds are unpredictable, the villanous may turn good, and the good may turn bad. Thank you.
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Here are some points. Please do not mention everything, this is just to explain what your topic means, so that you can prepare a proper speech with the help of my points. Hope I Helped...
yeah i wanted an idea to start off with.. thank you so much.. it really did help.