Sher singh was twelve year old brave boy . He lived in Lalwani village. He lived there with his younger brother, mother and father. His father's name was Bahadur Singh. Bahadur was a famous hunter. Sher singh was a very brave, bold and self sacrificing. He was fearless and courageous. He holds a great amount of brotherly affection for his brother kunwar due to which he accepts the life costing challenge of reaching him to the hospital. he was a boy who owned a high level of understanding.on his risk filled way to the hospital although he encounters many dangers yet he didn't back out. By saving his brother's life he proved that he was the brave son of his brave father.  He was determined and focused towards his goal to save his brother's life. he was the owner of a fearless mind.He was very caring and loving brother and  was the one who took the initiative to reach kunwar to the hospital as he feared to loss his another sibling.
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