As we know we use so many social networks like facebook,twitter,whats app,etc. now a days youth is busy in chatting with friends and girlfriends and waste a lot of time. they r not intrested come out of their houses they are lazy and intrested more in chatting ,so these kind of people do not know the outside environment in future they can be in trouble.
These people can never come up in their life my suggestion is not that donot use the social networks use it in limit donot use it when ever u are free.

I have a dout these people donot get bored of this facebook ,after using it every day even u donot get means itsreally very strange. 

These social networks helps in communication but do not help practically in building bond with others these leads us to start loosing relationships.

So use electronic gadgets ,social networks in a limit and think that there are people around you.