People die due to lack of blood.....this happens when nobody comes forward to donate blood
so there are many recogonised organisations which collect blood from many people as donations
but plz we should be careful while doing so ,bcoz they may be even fake
by donating a blood u can save life.which means u r keeping up the hope of a family which they belong to......u get happiness only spreading happiness

so  plzz donate blood and save peoples life

we know that everything is being wasted know.people are throwing things like anything
soits better to recycle these waste which throw
by doing  like this we can save lot of money and even natural resources
managing the waste is very important
we can make them by dividing the dustbins into seprate bins for different materisls

india is country which is still devoloping...its due to the poiticians .and we people are still voting the one of same caste and same religeon
and many people dont even get the chance to vote......if thishappens only the wrong people will get into the rule

so each and every person should be given the right to vote so that we can devolo pour country...the govrnment must take the intiative in this

Because of blood donation we can save a life of any one

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