Q. According to rite to equality - no discrimination should be made on basis of gender... Thn why are there only 33% seats reserved for women in lok sabha not at least 50%?????

sorry guys*.....u both r rong....!!!!! correct ans is - India is a male dominating cntry bcoz of vch there are only 33% seats reserved fr women....!!!!! i asked this ques to spread awareness , guys v r upcoming generation, v r upcoming leaders, engineers, civil servants,..... in the mean v hv to remove this indiscrimination......i hope u all got it wt i mean frm my ques.......!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur frnd, yone singh*....


It depends upon the population too....

It depends on women interests also,and also main important cause is population.
only 33percent mean it does not discrimination it is based on population that our nation has.