You celebrated your 17th Birthday in a hotel. You received many gifts from your friends and close relatives danced till late evening.Write a Diary Entry in about 100-120 words

Value Points ⇒
1-17th Birthday Celebrated
2-Gifts,wishes,hugs,unforgettable moments
4-great fun,pleasant company
5-Delicious Food
6-Enjoyed a lot

My Friend/Superiors.Please answer within 3 hrs .......Thank you :)



Dear Diary,
Today is my 17th birthday and it's an awesome day for me. I was excited for celebrating my birthday. Before this awesome party, I didn''t knew about this party that it was celebrated in a grand hotel. My all friends and relatives came to my birthday party. There are many things that are too dangerous but exciting just like joker's stunts. In this party, I got many interesting gifts like gold watch, leather boots, etc. And what can I tell you about the delicious food. Ohh!!! It's too yummy......Chola-Bhatura, Pizza, Hotdog. Hmmm !!! I liked this party too much. It's just like a heaven. I enjoyed this party. I can never forget these moments and such an awesome party. I thanked my parents for such a nice party and then I thanked god for such parents.

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thnx Lol :P
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