You Were going to meet your friend in a car.You were in a hurry and so jumped the red light.The police constable challaned you. Write a diary entry about it in about 100-120 words.

Value Points⇒
1-Jumped red light
2-The constable stopped me
3-Exchanged arguments
4-Demanded a bribe
6-had my license and other necessary documents.



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10.00pm                                                                           monday

Dear diary, 
          today is my worst  day forever. i am going to my friend's house but i am very harash.  I show mischief to police officer. now, i have great lose for me,i think that , when he stopped to me for crossing the road for red light is there. i can't  stop my vechicle  because i am very hurry.he stopped to me for jumping the red light and then he started arguments with me. then in mind  i got an idea,i told to police to exchanged the bribe  .but he refused and shouted to me .he take my license and other necessary documents  and i sorry to him for my mistake then he give me challan for car . at,last i know we should not cross the road when the red light is there .or yellow light. 'safety first is safety always'

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tHaNk YoU vErY MuCh...............
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