First,what is mean by global warming?Nowadays,people prefer to use cars and bikes even for short distances.Chopping of trees has also become very common in our lives.Man doesn't seem to realize that he is destroying himself!If we keep on cutting the trees,and use cars and bikes more often instead of walking,then what will happen?Ofcourse,the atmosphere will change and there would be more damage in the ozone layer.And if we cut down the trees,there would be no rainfall,and if there is no rainfall no water,and no water means.....ofcourse no crops,and no lives,and if we cut the trees,the temperature of the sun will increase,and soon we will get contracted with various skin disease like acne,chicken pox,skin cancer etc...So,please my dear brothers and sisters,try to understand my concept,and keep on growing trees.With this i would like to conclude my speech and thak you for having me here!