Respected teachers and my dear friends, I am here present to speak some lines about the topic winning is not important than participating. 
Winning is not everything. Participation is more important than just winning. If you will keep on participating in different competition then one day you will get the result of your hard work. Participation increases our confidence level. You come across many difficulties and you will realize your negatives and positives. Sometimes you have to go through failures too . At that time you should not be disappointed or upset at the result. Every experience teaches you something which makes you more mature and capable of dealing with problems. Participation makes us to challenge ourselves. We learn a lot of new things and skills after taking up the challenge.Participation helps to showcase our hidden talents. Instead of focusing on what other people are doing, just try to realize your own dreams. Dreams can turn to reality if you just focused at your goals of life.  It is never too late to realize your dreams and follow them with full passion and enthusiasm. If you try again and again one you will get success. Never give up and try again and again. Participation is fun and winning is not more important than participating.
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