See, this question is pretty easy, as you can just multiply and find the answer.
But for questions such as 100! [It means all numbers from 1 to 100 multiplied] and they ask you the number of zeroes. So, to solve these questions faster, you must know that every zero in a number is due to multiplication of one 5 and one 2. like in 700, there are 2 pairs of 5*2 [=10]. in X= 5*3*3*9*4*5*6*25, we see that there are three 2s and four 5s. We take the minimum number of 2s and 5s [Logically and theoretically too]. So, the number of zeros in X will be 3. 
In your question, there are three 2s and four 5s. Since there are only three 2s, there will be only one three consecutive zeros.
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2^3*3^4*5^4*7 = 8*81*625*7
                     = 2835000

The no.of consecutive zeros = 3