I stayed at a friend's house last Saturday. He lived near a forest area, and how pleasant it was! I arrived at morning at his house. Once it was late morning, we played in the meadow outside his house. During the afternoon, we had a delicious meal. In the evening, we had cake. After that we went out into the forest near the river. We returned back to his house at 7:00. We had a delicious dinner and his grandmother told us a story. I returned back to the city on Sunday Morning.
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ohh wow thankyou so much.. so can i ask any question whenever i want?
everybody is not here all the time
but someone will help
ohh ya thankyou :)
Staying at friends home may make us nervous.But i and my friend are very close  so that i am very free at his home.Last week when my parents went to my relatives house,I had stay back at my friends house.My friends parents had took care of me very well.i enjoyed and played a lot with my friend.His mother food was very delicious.She had prepared beautiful snacks and served it in the evening for me.I really felt very happy.those movements are memorable.
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