Yes we agree with this statement because it has various influencive articles
This can chage mindset of people.
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These are the two main ways mass media influence our opinion.

There is what is generally called "psycho-sell." It is a system used by advertisement agencies and media outlets, such as television channels and radio stations to "convince" their audiences to do or act in a certain way. It appeals to the vulnerability of the desired target (you or I). For instance: mouth wash. How many people you know, really suffer from bad breath? But I bet you have a little jar of mouth wash stashed in your bathroom, somewhere. If not, then you are probably one in hundreds of people, who do not fall victims to "psycho-sell." One must not forget this is not only applicable to product advertising.

In the other hand we have what is called "cultural icons." In this case we are talking about a famous person or persons Who are recognized and admired by whole communities. These individuals have the "Power" to convince their followers or fans into taking any kind of action or decision. Or just by giving their "opinion" they are truly suggesting. The "Cultural Icons" usually are linked or work for some media outlet and are used, to influence the community accordingly. ....................
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