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   Friends, we have a tough subject today to speak on, that is, people.  The word people is used with respect sometimes and with not so much respect some times.

What do we understand by the word?

      We are all people and part of the people. There is nothing more than people in this world.  People are the group of all persons in our family, friends, the society, all persons in the city, in the country, and in the world.    


      People have the power to raise one person high and they have the power to bring a person down from top. It depends on the liking or disliking that people develop for a person or organization. People are the collection of individual persons, grouped together for some purpose. They have similar characteristics.

      We want to study their collective behaviour, response, strength, weakness etc., and then we address them as people. People of different groups think differently and act differently. As individuals and part of people, we need to respect people whether they are rich or poor, and whether we like them or not. We are dependent on people. People are dependent on us for the good services we render to them.    

     Democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people. Nowadays democracy is ruling the world.   So people are important.  All political leaders and even other VIPs are trying very hard to attract and impress people at any opportunity they get.  We must be part of people.  But we must have our own individuality.   Our personality and achievements make us stand out from the crowd.   People is the main point in the subject of mass communications.

   In India and all over the world, people are getting wiser and wealthier day by day.  We must also work hard and be sincere and honest to get wiser and wealthier.


    We have to be careful with people, be humble, helpful and grateful to them for the opportunities and respect that people give us.  As long as we are good, people are with us, and sympathize with us. We need to interact with people and cannot live in isolation. We have to develop ourselves and also have to help people to the extent we can. It will be mutually good.

   As Mahatma Gandhiji said , we must treat people of all kinds, ie., our superiors and juniors with kindness and care.

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