In a colony there is a barren land. children use it regularly for playing football,jogging,badminton,and other recreational activities. the government decides to build shops in given space.what would you say are the develpoment goals for the government? and in what ways are these goals contradictory to those of the children?

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The government in its opinion is quite right because the shops would bring a lot of facilities in the area. The shops would help in bringing things close to people and this way they would save time On the other hand government is very wrong because the children would get a place to play. As a result their physical health would decrease and it is a great loss for Indian society to have children with less stamina. Less stamina leads to less development of brain and unhappy mind.
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It is not right,i think. bcause the childrens have to play from there the goverment can make the shops somewhere ............else . 
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