Igion means those powers and forces which are supernatural, super-social and superhuman. Religion is a belief in some divine power. It may be pointed out that religion has two aspects, namely some sort of belief system and the rituals or the observance of certain actions to establish contact between the individual, and the supernatural power. Real meaning of Dharma is something different from the pure religion.Dharma means the righteous way of living. It is intended to provide guidelines in all social action and to harmonize relation between Kama and Artha. According to R V. Kane, “The writers on Dharma Sastras meant by Dharma not a creed or religion but a mode of life or code of conduct which regulated a man’s work and activities as a member of society and as an individual and was intended to bring the gradual development of man and to enable him to reach what was deemed to be the goal of human existence. “Therefore, Dharma implies those rules according to which a man must behave as a member of society.