1) As we know that blood is a fluid connective tissue , it freely flows from one part to the other part of the body .
2) Any pathogenic organism which enters our body will be in the body stream and can be detected by testing the blood sample .
3) We know that blood transports gases , digested food , hormones and various waste materials from different parts of the body . Hence it is very easy to check all these components levels whether they are in normal or abnormal level , just by taking the blood sample testing .
4) So, doctors prefer to go for a blood test before diagnising any disease . Complete Blood Picture (CBP) gives the ampul information about the patient and helps in diagnising the disease .
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If any disease is attacked to us,the microorganisms enter our body.blood is a fluid connective tissue,so the micro organisms may enter into blood tests are used to diagnose diseases.example--if we got sugar,the sugar concentration will be more in blood
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