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The twenty first century has made life a lot easier because of the successful discoveries and inventions it has seen so far. Technological advancements have reached great heights today. 
In every era humans have invented new things.

In 19th century humans discovered  car, airplane and other ways of  transportation. In 20th century, his innovation resulted in the computer. The 21st century has seen many wondrous inventions like the tablet which fits the world inside our palm. Introduction of social networking pages like facebook, twitter has enabled us to connect with people in any corner of the world.

The  completion of the human genome project, the introduction of the fastest train are all going to be extremely beneficial to all of us. We are lucky for having born in this century because of its comforts but we have forgotten the values which are naturally instilled in the hearts of every human being. Our former president, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has foreseen a brighter energetic india in 2020. Let's hope that happens!
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