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                                    Organic materials or Organic Foods

      Organic substance usually means a chemical compound that contains Carbon and other elements in complex long chains or rings structures.  Usually the other elements are Hydrogen, Oxygen and some minerals or non metals.

      Organic material means it is the matter or substance that consists of organic compounds present in the remains of plants, animals and their waste products.   The organic materials are either directly present on Earth or in the natural environment or generated naturally over a duration of time without any artificial means.

     Organic foods are famous these days.  There is a certification process for such foods too.  They are a little more expensive.    The organic foods are produced without using any synthetic additives like pesticides, artificial chemical fertilizers and dyes.  Then after production these foods should not be processed using industrial chemical solvents.

   Bioengineered genes or genetically modified foods or not organic foods.  Neither are petroleum based fertilizers.  Organic foods are not to be given any antibiotics or growth hormones or any animal-by-products.

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