soil quality is affected by other aspects of agriculture. These impacts ... soil erosion. And as land loses its fertile soil, agricultural producers move on, clear more forest and continue the cycle of soil loss. ... Impacted Species & Places
These choking billows of dust – named "black blizzards" or "black rollers" .... The fine soil of the Great Plains was easily eroded and carried east by strong continental winds. .... one other point clear for the benefit of the millions in cities who have to buy meats. .... Migrants leaving the Plains states took their music with them.

Hillsides and slopes often have places where no trees or plants grow. ... The only real remedy for erosion is returning the soil to its natural state by making it ... than just one, so that you have backups in case one type doesn't take hold. ... Willow trees, black locust trees and elderberries are good selections for this purpose.

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