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An ideal contraceptive method or device must be

   user friendly so that a layman or woman can easily understand, conveniently use that.

   available  easily freely cheaply to the people at a large scale and should also be affordable

   effective in the sense it should be like 99.999 % sure (of preventing pregnancy) when used properly.  Also use of contraceptive should not hinder the union..

   no side effects - should not diminish the human copulating ability, should not reduce the ability of the person to perform regular house or office work etc...

   reversible -- means that when the couple want to discontinue using the contraceptive, it should be easy to remove the contraceptive.  The contraceptive should not be a permanent and irremovable change to the human body.  If the contraceptive method uses pills or surgery, those should not alter the body (or organ functions) in an irreversible manner.  Another surgery could be performed to easily to remove contraception, in case a surgery was performed earlier..

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