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rrr…brrr…brrr…The person at the other end appeared hesitant to take the call. The day before, that person at first let his phone ring and ring and ring, and yet did not take the call. Take this call, ogbeni, take it…Omeneku hissed in my mind.‘Hello…?’‘Ah bros, how far now? Wetin I don do again wey you no wan take my call?’‘Me…? I have not received any call from you, not me…!’‘But I called you yesterday. Your phone rang and rang. Check the…never mind. So sir, did you talk to your printer?’‘Oh, yes I did as a matter of fact. But the man insists on seeing your manuscript before he can make up his mind on the cost of printing your book…’‘But sir, I already sent the manuscript to your box…last week’.‘I saw it boo. But I couldn’t open it. What kind of application did you use to send it…it’s definitely not PDF, I know that for sure’.‘Oh…’ Omeneku was beginning to be exasperated. ‘It’s called Nitro, Nitro reader…’‘Nero you say? What kind of application is that? Never heard of it though…’ His exasperation was beginning to grow.‘N-I-T-R-O, N-I-T-R-O, Omeneku spelled again and again, mindful that his airtime was fast depleting, and he was not making any headway. ‘It looks like the regular PDF, but you have to download the free version…’‘Oh, I see but…’‘Ok, never mind sir, I’ll come to your office tomorrow in Lagos. I’ll take the night bus…’‘Ah, ah, Mr. Man! You mean you still embark on these dangerous night trips? You mean that after seeing the carnage on the roads and the perpetration that those fine boys subject travellers and you can still travel by night? Na wa for you o…!’‘But the roads are no longer as dangerous as they used to be. Or, what I wanted to say is that the roads may be dangerous by night, but the drivers are smarter now…’‘How…?’‘They take a detour away from the Benin-Lagos Highway and completely cut off the dangerous spots and the sections that are known to be infested with the fine boys…The drivers meander all night through the towns and suburbs of Akure, Oshogbo, and before you know what’s happening, you’re already in Ibadan. You know Ibadan is just two hours from Lagos?’‘I know that but nothing will ever make me take a night bus anywhere, never!’
Yesterday night  I am travelling in my new car suddenly my car engine gets stopped beside of burrial ground i am  so freeked that my phone also stopped working there is no light I saw a person walking in road he helped me to staRT my car then gave him 500 dollars to him he said that he no need that money then I asked what he want then he replied that he need my phone to call his ghost(girl) friend