because the need fo blood is constant , so is the need for donations . every day , all the hospitals and clinics in the world need blood and blood components to treat patiens, since most surgical interventions and great number of medical procedures require blood transfusion :)

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Friends, I have donated blood about 16 times so far in my life. (this is true.)   I have like that and felt happy.  So I advise the youth to participate and help the needy.

                                   Blood Donation  and its  Importance

   Blood is the most essential part of human as well as animal bodies.  What ever the colour of skin may be, blood always red and the same.  That shows that all of us are one community.

   In a healthy human adult there are about 5 liters of blood in the body.  We need to drink sufficient amount of water and eat minerals and vitamins to protect ourselves from diseases related to blood.

   Unfortunately some persons contract some diseases that necessitates them to take in fresh blood from others.  Some persons lose blood during accidents and some persons need blood during critical surgeries.  Certain anemic persons with shortage of blood, also need blood to be injected into them.  Patients suffering from cancer also need blood for living for some more days.  The need of blood is often critical and time bound.  We often hear people requesting for blood of some types urgently, through public and private networks.

   Blood donation is a noble life saving good deed.  It is being equivalent to a doctor in curing someone else's disease or saving someone else's life.  There are many voluntary organizations which coordinate blood donation activities and organize camps on holidays.

   Artificial blood is one source of blood used in transfusion operations.  But there is no substitute for natural blood which is available in abundance with people of the world.  Blood donation is a sacred and very noble action.  There are many blood banks in each town all over the world.  They accept blood of all types.  The methods of blood collection are quite hygienic and without pain.  A little patience and about 15 minutes is noble intention is what we need to become a blood donor.

  Our blood cells regenerate continuously at a steady rate.  After donating blood of about 200ml., we regenerate that amount surely in a few weeks.  It is possible that young persons can donate blood every two months.  Adults and even people of age 60 years can also donate if the doctor tests them positive.  We are given a donor card by the blood bank.

  There is also one benefit of donating blood.  If there is a need of blood in future for some close relatives of ours, then we can show the donor card and then ask for blood.  Blood will be arranged on priority. 

   There are voluntary organizations which collect the names, addresses and blood types of persons, and organize a data base of blood groups.  It is easy to contact donors in a short time in case of a need.  In the world population people with O+ group are many.  People with A+, B+, A- , B-  AB-  etc. are less.  It is important that healthy persons with such rare groups must be ready and willing to donate blood.  Often many people think that helping others is not their duty.  But one could remember that God helps those who help others.  Society respects those who have good hearts to help others.

  With the intention and feeling of helping other human beings or with the intention of the benefits it offers, what ever it is , it is always good to donate blood.  We get respect from people and society.

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