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      Science has always been trying to solve difficulties of people in the society in order to provide them a better living world.  Science has been dedicated to building a beautiful, healthy, practical, comfortable world.  Science has created a lot of new fields of work and opportunities.   Research in science has always been to extend the capabilities of human beings and to explore the unknown things in the Universe.  What I mean by science includes mathematical, engineering, biological, medical, physical, chemistry, agricultural, pharmaceutical, environmental, geophysical, and space sciences.  Sciences form the principles for engineers to build useful products.
    Scientific discoveries have enabled many corporations to make products.  Many people have become rich.  The human kind which was living in the stone age has gradually evolved in to the modern world due to evolutions in science.  Thus science has evolved the society in to a classy one of today, that every one likes.

    The people, leaders and society invest in science in order that society benefits.  Science (for that matter medicine, engineering etc) are not meant for any individual benefit, but are for the benefit of the entire society.  Scientific principles are not to be used by one to serve just one's selfish needs.  Thus science is used to improve the standard of living of people, cure their diseases, provide them a secure and safe world.  Science has given a good gift to people in terms of communication devices and better foods to eat.

     Social functions of science include knowing the natural calamities in advance.  Cyclones, floods and Earthquakes have been destroying social lives of people very often.  Science has not adequately protected people yet in this matter.  It still lags behind the wrath of nature.

    However, science has not been able to protect all good causes of the society.  Science resulted in destruction of often in the form of bombs, poisons, chemical weapons and pollution of various kinds.  Science's duty to the society is to reduce pollution and destruction of the environment.  Sciences duty is to create a cheap potable water for rural people and everywhere.

    Science has caused global warming problem indirectly from industrialization and processes that burn fuel.   It is science's duty to the society to create green fuels, reduce greenhouse gases production.  Science has to create better ways of giving water to agriculture and to provide them electrical or other energy forms to produce food for all.  Science has much to do to improve quality of life of people and cheaper ways of living a comfortable and healthier life.

   Science has consumed a lot of funds for weaponry and for new food types.  However, their social responsibilities have not been properly fulfilled.  Perhaps for science all over the world there is a high percentage of funds allocated.  I wonder if the funding has really fulfilled the promise it made to the benefits of people and future of people.

     Science has done some good things like introduction of free thinking, objective analysis in to the minds of people in the society.  In current India we have not many believing in superstitions and ghosts etc.  Children and youth must be educated on the social obligations and usefulness of sciences.  Science has much to do in terms of prevention of people falling prey to contagious diseases and severe damage to the body from pollution in water and air.  Science has to produce eco-friendly gadgets, fuels, energy sources, materials for use in homes and offices.

     One important moral that engineers and scientists are to remember is that they become highly qualified with the money and resources coming from the society.  So its their sincere duty to contribute to betterment of the society.

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