1. He likes to sit at home and read his newspaper,
A) the mercury news.
B) the Mercury News.
C) The Mercury News.
D) The mercury news.
E) the Mercury news.

2. That shirt belongs to Sam. ______ shirt.
A) Its Sams
B) It's Sam's
C) It's Sam
D) Its Sams'
E) It's Sams'

3. We ______ the radio broadcast last year.
A) hear
B) herded
C) heared
D) herd
E) heard

4. Write a sentence by placing these word in the correct order: a) sun b) shining c) the d) is
A) The shining is sun.
B) The shining sun is.
C) Sun shining is the.
D) The sun is shining.
E) Is the shining sun.

5. I don't like eating popsicles because my ______ are sensitive to the cold.
A) tooth
B) teeth
C) teeths
D) teething
E) tooths



1(a)  2(B) 3(D) 4 (D)    5 (B)