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Yes..mrs al smith is the representative of american outlook....the way of her speaking is well as she also embarasses frenchmen by saying them nt a gud n fast decision maker
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Ohho Juliette...mujhe Jeanne ki yaad aagyi and then Gaston ki... :( why can't I just forget all this..anyway...drama achhe se pdha tha lag rha hai...!!!
So to of my fav chapter...u know :)
This character of Mrs.Al smith is of the drama Villa for Sale... Yes,I agree that Mrs.Al Smith is truely a representative of american culture...the way she works,the way she speaks all are the significant...Infact the way she answers Gaston is immensely representating it...She is fast in making decisions in comparison to Frenchmen...every time she insults or comments on French style.... Hope it helps you!!
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