6. I want ______ , please.
A) a dozen egg
B) a dozen eggs
C) a dozen of eggs
D) the dozen egg
E) a dozens eggs

7. "Do you like bananas?" "I love ______ !"
A) they
B) it
C) them
D) Their
E) his

8. She likes to ______ her classmates. (gossip negatively about)
A) mouth
B) bad-mouth
C) bad
D) bads-mouth
E) badmouth

9. The boy asked, “ ______ the person ______ cookies I love?”
A) whose / whose
B) who's / whose
C) whos / who's
D) who's/ whos
E) whose / who's

10. The sky is so ______ today.
A) blown
B) blue
C) blues
D) blow
E) blew



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6-C) a dozen of eggs
7-C) them
8-E) badmouth
9- who's / whose

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6.  I want  a dozen eggs please.

7.Do you like bananas  ? "      "I love them! "

8.  She likes to bad-mouth her class mates.

9.  The boy asked , " who's the person whose cookies I love? "

10.  The sky is so  blue today,

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6. I want a dozen eggs please. Here dozen is an adjective.
I want a dozen of eggs please. Here dozen is a noun.
what do you want ? a dozen
of what ? of eggs. => dozen of eggs
what do you want ? eggs
how many? a dozen => a dozen eggs