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Some points which are useful to mention in a speech or an essay or article on the topic of Education.

1.  Education - what it means, what it is. 
       Related to wisdom, knowledge, skills, career, development, secure future, jobs, earning capability.  Education makes a person useful to the society.  Without education a person’s life is limited to physical labour.

2.  Education is important for all persons.  Reasons.  Benefits, pros, cons.

3.  Literacy in India, status. Consequences.  Actions to take.  Literacy levels in villages.

4.  Education is a continuous process and never stops for any.  One learns through education at an institution or through experiences and actions.  Continuous knowledge, skill updates are required in the modern society.  Education (learning process) happens at school, home and in the society.

5. Adult education.  Importance, need, how to implement.

6. Traits and qualities expected from the education process and from the person who has undergone education. Discipline, skills, conduct, self dependence, humility.  Ego.

7. Government funded education.  Education through corporate and private schools and institutions.  Tuitions, coaching classes.  Pros and cons.  Affordability, appropriateness.

8.  Newer modes of education/teaching/learning.  By Internet and social network sites.  E-education / E-Learning.

9. Use of technology, gadgets, tools in education.  Good or inappropriate.

10. Some acclaimed institutions where education is said to be of top level. Some practices.  Either in history or in the modern times.

11. Education often makes family members disrespect/move away from one other.  It is not just enough to be educated and do our work.  Our social responsibility is to educate our children or see that they are educated properly.

12.  Completeness of education in many respects.  Current system – what it lacks, if it lacks. Suggestions.

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