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                                     Friendship - Importance

     It is said that we can not choose mother, father, brother sister etc., but we can choose who our friends can be. Our friends help us to move in a circle, socialize, share our feelings and so on. It so happens that our elder brother, sister, mother, father have passed our stages. Their viewpoints differ from us. But friends are in the same phase with us and agree or disagree with us in more coherent way. That feeling of same phase, gives us a good feeling too.

   Friendship is promising to collaborate with each other, trusting one other, desiring the progress of one another, interacting healthily and constructively with one another.  Friendship also means to protect one another's interests and not revealing secrets of one other.  It also means accepting the limitations of one another.  It also means reduction of selfishness to include a friend in one's circle and life.

   Friends like and help one another in all phases of life.  Friendship ship is done across genders, races, languages and regions.   The friends come for each other without expecting selfish returns, in general.  Many occasions, we see that friends help each other in studies, jobs, duty and so on.  Friends also make relations across religions, castes and borders. This enhances the national harmony and peace.  Usually friends share some common resources, aim towards a common goal, participate in similar activity, may be related and benefit from one other by sheer presence of others or talents of one another.

   Many books and movies are made with the topic of friendship.  The Bollywood movie "Sholay" (based on friendship among other things) is still a big hit.  In the epic Ramayan, Rama makes friendship formally with king Sugriva.  It is necessary that we make our families familiar with our close friends and have an open friendship.

   People try to make friends with others as and when they can. It is a natural tendency. So it has become so important in life. Internationally, a day has been reserved for celebrating friendship day.

   Friendship should be helpful, mutually beneficial, but it is bad and unforgivable to cheat friends. Friends should freely exchange their views and understand each other, what they can do for each other. That will avoid uncomfortable situations and misunderstanding. Friendship is friendship whether it is between people of same gender or opposite gender.

   People of these days are able to maintain their friendship using latest communication and sharing on the social networks. They are able to build more on top of their earlier relationship. This was not possible a decade ago.  Idealistic friendship may not be possible to find.  However, the real world friendship is essential for any human being.  Friendly environment is necessary for any person to develop oneself and progress in life.  

   Friendship is important, as in times of sadness, there is a friend to make us smile.  In times of difficulty, there is a helping hand.  God is the true friend of ours, as the saying goes.  Hence, friends are necessary and are important.  Friends can be from relations and family too.

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