Akbar had five sons:
1. Jahangir.
2. Sultan Murad Mirza.
3. Daniyal.
4. Hussain.
5. Hassan.

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Akbar first daughter was born in 1561-62 known as fatima but she died in infancy it is believed tht she was daughter of 1564 two sons were born to him known as hasan and hussain but they died in one month so the deadth shocked akbar and he decided to visit Ajmer chisti dargah and became ardent devotee,, in 1569 Jahengir was born to him and he was the only surviving son who outlived him he was born to mariam uz zamani Jodha baai arguably few months later A daughter Shazada khanum was born to him salima is said to be her mother (again controversial) in 1570 a son prince murad was born and salima was send to chisti dargah