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    The idea is that  for some persons the journey is quicker and for some the journey is slower.   What could "journey" mean?  It could be a journey from a place to another on a transport vehicle.  It could be very well the journey of one's life.  It could be the journey of a person in his/her profession and career. 

   Often when we are at a different pace in our mind as compared to our children.  They think fast and in their mind the external happenings are a bit slower.  So when they travel on a tour, the journey may appear slow to them.  They do get somewhat bored often.  For adults from experience they know that the journey takes the time duration that it takes.

   For those who are eager to meet their loved ones, a journey appears very long.  The impatience makes them feel that the journey is eternal.  Often when one is enjoying oneself during a journey, one could even forget the passage of time.  Then the journey seems to be happening quicker.  So the pace of the journey is relative to the state of our mind.

    Most important is about the journey in one's profession.  Everyone wants to reach their life goal in shorter duration.  Some persons take a long duration to reach their career goal of becoming a big star or officer or rich or inventing some thing.  For some persons it appears to be a simple cakewalk.  For many its the luck that plays an important role.  For some its their own hard work that takes them along the path of life.  For some persons who face some hurdles in their daily life, any journey to achieve awards and rewards appears a long journey.  Sustenance is important for such persons.  Life's journey is more important than any other one.  To reach one's goal quicker and successfully one must do good planning, and work for that.

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