Give me  your blood and I will give you Independence.
Subhas Chandra Bose was a great and very brave leader of the country who became famous as a Netaji because of his hard works. He was born on 23rd of January in 1897 in a Hindu family in the Cuttack. He was very brave and brilliant from his childhood and physically strong too. He always believed in the violence and even, once he had beaten his European school professor. Later he was expelled from school as a punishment. He passed his B.A. degree successfully from University of Calcutta with first division in 1918. Later he went to England for Tripose degree at Cambridge University. He always wanted to serve his country as a high official.In order to serve his country for freedom from British rule, he joined Congress movement. Later he was selected as President of Congress in 1939 and then expelled because of his differences with Congress policy. He escaped from India during Second World War and asked Germany for help where he was given military training for two years by the Hitler. He raised there his own Indian National Army by training Indian residents and prisoners of war from Germany, Italy and Japan. He became successful in making a true Indian National Army (means Azad Hind Fauj) with good morale and discipline