In unitary government system powers remained at central place and central government have the authority to make all the decision while in federal government most of the powers except powers related to international affairs are delegated to local governments or provinces. Unitary government is not as much democratic form of government due to decision making power at central place while federal government is a pure democratic government in which local governments, territories, constituents states or provinces can enjoys some powers regarding governing and decision making in their respective regions. Unitary government have just one government that’s why it is also known by the name of central government while in federal government there are two governments, one at central position and other at state or province level. Unitary government may or may not have constitution. Like England has no constitution while France has constitution and both are unitary government. While federal government must have a constitution. In case of disputes between institutions in federal government or any bill passed by parliament, judiciary will interfere in the matter. While in case of unitary government, even highest court cannot give judgment or remarks on the law or bill passed by parliament