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Rage means a lot of anger, that is instantaneous, uncontrollable, natural and arising out of a situation.  There is usually also a facial expression and body movement associated with rage.   This is opposed to expression of anger in a cold manner.

The prince stood up with rage and attacked the demon, when the demon tried to seize him.

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Rage is a really intense anger. Some frustrated drivers let their emotions boil over into road rage when another car cuts them off, for example.If you're full of rage, you're full of anger — powerful, extreme, sometimes even violent anger. Rage can also be a verb: you might rage against something you hate or as the poet Dylan Thomas pleaded, "Rage, rage against the dying of the light." Things that rage are out of control, like a raging, roaring fire or a wild storm. Another meaning involves the latest, greatest trend — you'd say it's "all the rage."

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