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                       Save Water to Save the Environment

Need of water:

      Potable drinking water is essential to our survival.  It tastes so good on our lips, tongue and in the throat, when we are exhausted and are thirsty.  It cools our body as it goes down into the stomach.  Truly, we get rejuvenated and ready to get back to our energetic self after we take gulp of good water and a little rest.   With out a doubt, pure and clean water is equal to the divine magic potion “amrutham”, as it makes us live long and healthy.  So water is elixir of life.

    Water is essential to life for all living organisms on Earth for carrying out their biological and metabolic processes.  Those processes give us energy to do work and live.  Because of absence of water on other planets life is absent over there.  We are so fortunate to have so many water bodies on our mother planet Earth.   Water is essential for plants, animals and human beings.  Plants can extract clean water particles from dirty water and can continue to live.  Animals have a higher tolerance to the impurities in water.  So they are able to survive in many different conditions.

   Water is available in the form of liquid in seas, ponds, oceans, canals, under ground water, humidity in air and atmosphere, and clouds in the sky.
Fundamental Right:

   All living organisms must share the
natural resources equally according to their natural needs.  Water is a fundamental right of every living organism.  One person or community should not overuse, waste or pollute water bodies that are the property of the people of the world.  The governments are responsible to oversee the proper usage of water and recirculation of water in its natural cycle.

Water and Environment:

   Water is part of the environment around us and is available to us only for proper use.  We need to conserve the environment and its ecosystem to reduce the imbalance that we have created through improper use of technologies and burning of fossil fuels and cutting down forests.

   Due to global warming and other unnatural phenomena the water cycle is upset.  So we do not have regular rains during the expected seasons.  There are floods in one region of India with droughts in the neighbouring region.  We need to use nature and environment friendly methods and products. Lack of rains causes ground water to go below its normal levels.  Overflow of water during floods leads to pollution of rivers and pollution and destruction of agricultural lands (their fertility).

Water, safety and Energy:
   We are wasting a lot of water at homes and offices.  We use water for all kinds of purposes.  There are leakages of water in the water containers.  All kinds of chemicals, plastics or oils etc. are getting mixed with water bodies making water non potable or unusable directly.

   We are pumping out a lot of water from the ground and using river waters in higher quantities than what is expected by the nature.  This could be due to the increased population and increase in the processes that require water.  Also there may not be a proper control over water bodies.

   To bring a liter of water in to our house a lot of electrical and other energies are consumed.  This usage is partly done by the government and partly by us. So using more water or wasting water means use of more energy.  To produce electricity or oil, again some energy is consumed and the process results in environmental pollution, global warming and reduction of fuels.  Hence to conserve ecosystem processes, we have to save water.

What to do:
   Perhaps people do not have good knowledge on how to save water.  Awareness must be increased.  Carelessness must be controlled.  It is not the question of rich being able to waste water and the poor have to tolerate that.  Often we do not realize that the government subsidizes a lot to bring a liter to our offices, schools and homes.

   Rain water harvesting can help people to reuse the collected water during summer.  Water reservoirs should be available with sufficient depth.  Dams must be constructed where necessary to store water.  That will be useful for irrigation as well as for drinking.  The depth of various water canals or ponds decreases over years due to sand, stones, wastes and Earth flowing into them.  Construction of overhead tanks and community tanks is essential.

   Like blood is to Humans, Water is to the Earth.  Save Water, Save Environment.  Save Water to let the future generations live in a green world.  Cleanliness is required, but wasting water in the name of cleanliness is also not good.

   For persons living in crowded cities, the value of water is known.  In some towns perhaps it is not as strongly felt.  Decades ago saving water was not as important.  Due to rapid and uncontrollable growth in urbanization and industries, water scarcity and misuse has increased.  So every one must be taught in schools to treat water as a valuable resource that should be protected and used with caution.

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