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Western education has shown its impact right from the time of the British rule in India. It is globally recognized and hence it is advantageous. But on the other hand, it has made many forget the ancient indian education. Schools have replaced gurukalas. Students respect their teachers but there is always a feeling they study for the money spent on education. We must all understand that westerners introduced their education in India to influence indian thinking. It is needless to say that western education is extremely essential for technological advancement but when it comes to moral growth and imbibition of values our indian culture is the best.
When we consider its positive influences, it opened up the doors of knowledge, highlighted many superstitious practices, it made many people realize the importance of liberty and freedom and even gave birth to the national movement.  Modern education had highlighted the weaknesses and real issues, which had developed in the system like rigidity and harshness of social customs and practices prevalent at that time for the weaker sections of the society i.e. women and lower strata of society.
when we talk about its negative influences, it led to unhealthy competition and even led to the disintegration of India.modernization of the pattern of education and occupations (making knowledge of English as basic qualification for white collared jobs especially in government) along with industrialization increased role of formal education and training for furthering future
we must remember that "too much of anything is poisonous " anything good and new is always appreciated but we must be careful that it does not spoil our identity.
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Western education has got both positive and negative effects on Indian youth. Positives are like--- In these days of modernisation, India somewhere lacked the modern aspects of education and technology. Britishers, knowingly or unknowingly planted th base of science and technology in India . Modern education is very important for the development of any country, in todays days of modernisation, in order to stay connected with other places and see eye to eye with them. Now it has some negative impacts also------------------- It has made the youth of our country criticize, blame and forget the cultural heritage of our country because of it not being taught in the modern curriculum. We have become strangers to our own traditions. It is not enough if we are an educated global citizens, we also need to be literate indiand, so according to me western syllabus is highlh beneficial and is required to be included, but along with a separate subject of our rich cultural history.