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Teacher's day - some important points  for an essay

1.  When, where it is celebrated.  nationally/internationally. 
2.  Reason  why it is celebrated.  to remember some thing... to pay respects some one.
3.  meaning of a teacher.  Guru brahma, guru vishnu, guru devo maheswaraha.. 
     Role of a teacher in educating, career choosing, shaping the future of a
     student.   any selfishness/selflessness of teachers.
4.  What is done on that day at school or elsewhere.
     Any function, show, activity..
5.  What do you learn from all this.  What do you think of the teachers day.  
     What do you think should be done.
6.  Respecting teachers is respecting oneself, one's aim for learning,
     development, and career ahead.  Remembering one's own teachers in the
     past who have helped you, taught you well. Traits of good teachers, good students.

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