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                             Importance of Plants

   I am writing important points.  Please develop that into an essay, if you are looking for an essay. thanks.

First of all, we must understand what environment is.  Environment is the surroundings around us. It includes the trees, plants, buildings, atmosphere, water bodies, dry lands, mountains, valleys that are nearby to us.  Plants become trees if they are properly grown and protected.  When we say trees here, we mean well grown and big plants.

1.  Plants appear beautiful.  So our environment is beautified by environment.  The environment looks green, fresh, lively and energetic.  Plants and trees are an inspiration to all.  Many poets have written a lot of beautiful poems and prose on the beauty of trees,green landscapes and forests. 

2. The color green is good for the health of eyes and brain.  Global warming is reduced by plants.

3.  Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen into air.  Hence the percentage of pollution in the atmosphere gets reduced and purity increases.  This is the most important use of trees to the cause of people's survival on Earth.  If there is no plant life, we would be dead by now.  Plants need water and atmosphere.

4.  Trees hold the terrain strongly.  The roots of plants and trees go deep into the Earth and hold the part of Earth together strongly.  Otherwise, the sand, mud could all get washed away by rains or blown away by air when winds blow or when cyclone occur.

5.  Trees reduce sound pollution, by absorbing some of the sound energy and reducing the intensity of the sound waves.

6.  Trees give shelter to the birds and other animals and insects.  They play an important part in maintaining the bio-diversity on Earth.  Millions of species live in forests and vegetated regions.  People in olden days used to live among trees and homes made of tree parts.  In villages in India, people live in huts with roofs covered by the big palm tree leaves.

7.  If there are no plants and trees, all the herbivores will die.  Then the ecosystem balance on the Earth will be upset totally.  The carnivores have nothing to eat.   So they die.  Then people do not have any thing to eat any more.  Then there is use of any environment.

8.  Plants on hills and mountains were locations preferred by Sages and Rishis in olden days for penance and meditation.  Our ancestors gave a lot of importance to plants and wild life.

9. Plants give us fresh food.  Not only some food, they also give us proteins, vitamins, fibrous fodder for us to live healthily.

10.  Plants and trees give rise to employment for a lot of people.  Plants (agriculture) is the bread and butter for farmers.  Agricultural products are processed by numerous industries.

11.  Plants are treated as Gods and Goddesses in Hindu mythology.  They are prayed and pujas are performed for trees.

12.  Medicinal plants give us medicines to cure many diseases.

13.  Plants give us wood for furniture and tools at home. 

14.  Plants give us paper and pencil to write, and eraser to help us during childhood.  So good education is not possible without plants.  Without paper our human civilization would not have grown to today's status.

15.  Plants give us environment friendly and organic products.


So what we should say is:  grow plants, save plants, save environment and save human race.  Growing of one plant by each living human being can save our environment and Earth.

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