Politician 1: So at last the elections are over?
Politician 2: yes, it is. and u can see as well, that i won. i told u no one can beat me. 
Politician 1: u surely won, but u won the wrong way. u offered the 5 crores to the booth didn't u?
Politician 2: U are talking like i am the only one who did it? u also did the same. and u offered 7 crores didn't u? 
Politician 1: How do u know about it?
Politician 2: U are not the only one with spies all over the state.
Politician 1: OK, that's fine. I was thinking of a deal. for your and mine both's benefit.
Politician 2: What sort of deal.
Politician 1: let's do one thing we can share your power 50 -50 and every election, i'll help u win it.
Politician 2: No way, i have struggled a lot for it. i won't give it.
Politician 1: ok 60 -40. and u can have 1/3 of my salary. every month. about that.
Politician 2: um... u have to help me hiding my black money too. and i will have half of your black money also.
Politician 1:  um... ok don't worry but wat  i said is that a deal?
Politician 2: i"ll think over it.
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