If you are in Hong Kong to do work, then you’re away on business. The word business can refer to the activities you perform for your job.The word business often refers to an occupation (like "she owns her own business") or a particular trade, like show business. Businesscan also describe an enterprise's financial goal, as in, a store that uses advertising to attract business, or its activity — like a store that does most of its business on weekends. It isn't always easy to run a business. In fact, it comes from the Old English word bisignis, which meant “anxiety."

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1.  Business means the process of trading.
Trading means exchange of products, services for some valuables, products or services.

Business means offering and selling of services or some viable products to customers (clients who purchase) under some trade agreement.  The agreement is often agreed up on and based up on some ethics too.  The agreement can be formal and written and registered too.  In return to the sold product or service, an equivalent money or valuable is taken from the purchasing party.

Business means carrying out this process of trading through an establishment or without a formal establishment.

2. Business also means spending one's time , resources and effort for gaining some viable gains.   And, not doing some thing for pure pleasure, leisure or voluntary service.

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