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Friends, my topic for today's ASL is the most relevant for all of us in today's world.  So I request you to listen carefully to my views.

   Invention is the activity of investigating and finding a new method of achieving something, or a new device for use by people, or a new principle or concept or law that governs some physical quantities.

  An invention introduces us to a new thing.  A Discovery finds something which is already there, but we have not known about it.  Finding a new planet in the universe is a discovery.

   Great scientists like Newtons, Edison, Chandra Shekhar,  JC Bose, CV Raman, Eintstein, Archmedis, Pascal, Bernouli, Arya Bhatta, Curie, B Gates, Thomson are all great inventors. 
The invention of semiconductor transistor device by Bardeen and Brattain and William Schockley has lead to the most sophisticated computers, laptops, cell phones, calculators etc.  Every electronically controlled device makes use of their inventions or those principles.

   Now we understand that invention and inventors are part of our modern life and society.  To be an inventor one needs to be creative, objective, have analytical capacity, mathematically good, ability to correct own faults and to work alone.  Often inventors take the challenge in front of them to find solutions.  We must learn to read the subjects logically, solve them nicely and work deeply in the subject.  We need not reinvent the wheel.  But we must learn to respect them, use the inventions to our advantage to achieve some thing good.

   The inventors dedicated their lives to their field and to the good of mankind. Many of them sacrificed their personal life and made our life on Earth today comfortable.

   So friends, inventions and inventors are models for us to follow.  We draw inspiration to succeed in our profession by knowing and thinking of them.  We must learn to think like they did in oder to be able create new techniques, solve real life problems, and create new methods.  First of we must be interested and be enthusiastic about the subject.  Then we must be obedient and respect the teachers.  We must have a craving for doing some thing extraordinary.  We need to be scientific, rational, objective, dedicated to achieve our life goals and keep succeeding and reach higher and higher in life and career.  This is what is taught by the great inventors.

    Inventors do the same thing in a different way.  They do not do different things.

   We do not need to worry even if we are unable to invent some thing.  Appreciating and applying the principles, tools, and techniques of the inventions will take us to our destination with a steady growth.  Effort and sincerity are needed.

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