Conduct about bell jar experiment of sound
apparatus:a jar,grease,vaccum pump,grease,bell
procedure:on swith,conduct electricity in bell jar to bell.the bell makes sound,but when you on vaccum pump what happens
observation:sound cannot travel in vaccum
Electro magnet-- Materials req....iron nail, thin and long copper wire, a cell, magnetic and non magnetic objects........procedure------#leave some amount of wire on both sides and wrapp the rest around the nail in a coiled manner, now take both the free ends(they shud be about 10 cms) and remove the plastic coating. Attach both the ens to the sides of the battery, one wire, on one end . leave it for 2 minutes and u have made an electro magnet.........observation---bring another iron nail around the electromagnet snd u will see that it attracts it."""""""""""""""""" """""""""""""""Hey I have condcted this experiment in the sciencd fair if my school, its very easy.......