The idea of including everybody in the process of education refers to the system of education which includes students with special education needs. In this model, they spend most of the time with non disabled students.It makes sure the education of every child whether his conditions are constraining, in a conducive environment. It encourages the sense of belonging. The value of friendship is developed. A relationship is developed between a normal and a disabled student. It strengthens the feeling that diverse groups of people form a community.The teachers should also not expect the same standard or result from every child. A child may not be good in academics but excellent in sports or arts. They should respect and encourage the students to excel in the fields of their interest.The curriculum should be diversified, giving option to the child to take up the activities or subjects of their choice. The policy makers should support inclusive education. They should stress on providing not only physical support but also infrastructure.Thus, to make the society more intact, it is inevitable to ensure their participation in the education in the form of inclusive education.
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- The mind is a complex thing, it has a living identity of its own
- We must not consider it only a receptacle to receive information
- It must learn to think, analyse and then act.
- Its imagination knows no bounds, it can create, invent and innovate.
- With the right inspirative and conducive environment, the mind can achieve hitherto unknown success.
- Education must aim at lighting a fire that helps a person to think 'out of the box' and work constructively towards progress and prosperity.

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